General E Collar Tips

• Remove the electronic collar before bed each evening before bed, and whenever you are gone from the house. Keeping the collar on 24 hours each day will cause the contact points to chafe the dog’s neck. Light colored dogs can be more sensitive to chaffing.

•Make sure the collar fits snugly. It should not be able to spin around on the dog’s neck. Contact points should have complete contact with the dog’s skin.

• Keep a leash on your dog while inside for the first week of training. This will allow you to assist your dog in performing the correct behaviors initially. 

•Keep a leash or long line attached to your dog when outside. This will allow you to assist the dog to perform the correct behavior, and must be long enough that you can get to the dog should they try to run from you. The trainer will let you know when your dog is ready to go off leash.

•Utilize a ‘tap, tap, tap’ (momentary stimulation/ nick button) method of pushing the button on the transmitter, rather than a push and hold (continuous stimulation). The trainer will advise you if and when continuous stimulation may be appropriate.

•It is normal for dogs to explore their options to figure out how to ‘turn off’ collar stimulation. Your job is to apply stimulation (tap,tap, tap) as you help your dog perform the correct option...Then, and only then, should you stop applying stimulation. This method will assure you of the most reliable training for your dog.

•During the initial training you should press the button multiple times with each command. After several training sessions practicing a particular command, you should see the dog trying to obey quickly. This shows that the dog now understands your verbal command and they are now more certain of the correct response

•There are three levels on the e collar: too low, too high, and just right. Your job is to use just right. Just right is variable depending on environmental distraction. Adjust the collar level as needed.