Frequently asked questions



Q: Where are you located?

 We do not have a facility, instead we have partnered with vets around the city to offer puppy school. Dogs in our sleep away camp programs stay with their trainer, in their home. Our trainers live in the Roscoe Village/Logan Square area.

Q: How old does my dog have to be to start training?

 We like to see families start training right away! Puppy school lays the foundation for the future and sets the stage for the next level of training. For pups older than six months old we offer day school and sleep away camp to address naughty habits, basic manners, and an off leash foundation.

Q: Do you have group classes?

 Yes! We offer puppy school for pups 8wks to 5mo old. We have locations in the Logan Square, River North, and River Forest/Oak Park.

Q: My dog is aggressive, can you help?

For all dogs who are displaying aggression - towards people or dogs - we require an in-home evaluation to make sure that our programs are a correct fit. 

Q: Do you offer boarding?

We offer boarding for graduates of our training programs on a limited basis. Boarding dogs stay with our trainers, in their home.

Q: What are day school drop off/pick up hours?

 Morning drop off hours: 7-9am

Evening pick up hours: 4-7pm

Q: How often does group class meet?

Our group puppy classes meet for six consecutive weeks, unless there is a major holiday, starting on the enrollment date. Each class is one hour in length.