Keep building on the foundation started in Just Puppy! Open to puppies 5 months to one year old, we start refining your puppy's basic manners while continuing to incorporate off leash play. This class will build duration in stays, focus on impulse control exercises, add distractions to the recall, and polish up leash manners.  Puppies learn that polite, calm behavior earns them more freedom and interaction creating balanced adults. This class is open to graduates from Just Puppy! or instructor approval. 

Instructor: Natalie Ridge

Starts: Saturday March 14 at 10a



For dogs that have a hard time keeping a level head in the presence of new dogs, people, or objects. This class is structured to make sure that each dog and handler is successful. Appropriate management and prevention techniques are taught as well as working to change the overall emotional response of the dog. This class comes with one follow up private session. Instructor approval is required to register for this class. This class is limited to 4 students. No dogs the first night of class. 

Six week course. $200

Instructor: Natalie Ridge

Starts: Call or Email for details



Got a dog who loves to hunt? Hound that can't keeps getting in trouble with his nose? Pup that needs a job, but can't handle something physically demanding? Canine scent work channels and develops your dog's natural scenting abilities to find one of three target odors - Birch, Anise, or Clove. This class can help shy dogs build confidence and gives active, busy dogs a job to channel his energy into. No big equipment needed this game is great for rainy days inside. Let us show you how! 

Six week course/six session punch card. $150

Instructor: Emily Stoddard

Starts: Sunday July 12 at 4:15p




This is Chicago's ONLY fully off leash puppy class. Open to puppies aged 8 weeks to 5 months, we focus on teaching basic manners, as well as handling, socialization, and how to combat common puppy behavior problems. Each student receives a free e-book, AFTER You Get Your Puppy, written by world renowned veterinary behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar, as well as written and video homework. Skills taught are: sit, down, stand, leave it, take it, drop it, heel, polite greetings, and as well as a few fun tricks! 


Six week course. $199


Instructor: Candice Schwake


Starts: Tuesday March 1 at 7p






We've taken the fun of the Harry Potter movies and applied it to trick training!!!! Each trick will be named after a popular spell, putting a whole new spin on those same boring tricks. This is sure to be a fun filled four week class filled with magic. This class is open to dogs of all ages and skill sets.

Four week course. $100

Instructor: Natalie Ridge

Starts: Tuesday January 19 at 7:00p


Advanced Remote Collar

K9 University - West Loop

This class will focus on expanding on and taking your base remote collar skills to the next level. We will increase the distraction and distance, as well as teach new behaviors. Learn the all important send away, sits and downs in and out of motion, and directionals to name a few. Cost $175


This class is open to graduates of out programs (day, board or private) or approval of our lead trainers. Dogs are expected to be collar literate and know the base behaviors of sit, down, place, off/leave it, let's go and come.

Tuesday - TBD Email for Details