Phenomenal Puppy Primer

New puppy and no clue what to do? Let us help you give your pup the absolute best start! One of our trainers will come work with you and your pup one on one to give you a leg up with socialization, crate training, engagement, and more. This program will include everything a new puppy owner needs to have the smartest pup in the neighborhood! This package also includes a drop in pass to any of our puppy school classes. Cost: $1500

Package is for pups up to 5 months

Package Includes:

• 5-6 private lessons

• drop in pass to puppy school

• phone and email support from our training staff

• discount immersive training programs when the pup is 6 months old

 Dependable Dog

With the dependable dog program, one of our trainers will come to you and coach you to train your dog! Over the course of 5 lessons you and your dog will have learned the fundamentals of on leash obedience under every day distractions, and address any specific concerns you have. You and your dog will work one on one with our trainers both in your home, and out in the neighborhood. Cost: $1200

Package is for pups 6 months and older

Program Includes:

  • 5 private lessons

  • Training collar

  • 6 month pass to Polishing group class