Continued Education is the Key to Continued Success

Remote COllar Foundation Workshop

May 11 - 12


Buffalo, NY


The remote training collar is an often misunderstood, and misused tool in dog training. This workshop will showcase how to use the remote collar to effectively and humanely train your dog using this incredible tool. There is simply no other training method that will help you achieve some of your off leash obedience goals as quickly as what the remote collar is capable of.

  • What will be covered?

  • Intro to working with remote collars

  • How to begin shaping behaviors and tricks

  • How to use the ecollar as both a stimulus as well as a correction

  • Off leash obedience work (heeling and long distance recalls)

  • There will also be some customization based on the needs of the group.

We will not be covering severe behavioral problem solving in this workshop (no aggression or severe anxiety issues), however we plan to offer that in a more advanced format next year.

Each person will need to register for the workshop individually in order to attend. (In the event that two people from the same household would like to attend, but only bring one dog to work with, they would each need to register for a spot, but only one would need to sign up as a working spot, while the other could sign up as an audit spot in order to save money.)

Registration Form: 

Please contact Noelle Nasca for details.