A fast paced obstacle course for dogs, it challenges both handler and dog to be fast and efficient. In this class we build a solid foundation of both handling and obstacle performance. Build you dog's confidence as well as giving them an appropriate outlet. Whether you are just starting out or continuing on to learn more about the sport, we have a class for every dog!  For our beginner classes there is no prior training required, though we do encourage each team to complete a basic obedience course prior to enrollment; for our intermediate and advanced agility we do require completion of beginner agility or instructor approval prior to enrollment.

Beginner agility

K9 University - West Loop

Sunday July 15 - 10am


Intermediate Agility

K9 University - West Loop

Sunday July 15 -11:30am 


Advanced Agility

K9 University - West Loop

Sunday Full - 1pm 


Trick Training

A fun and creative class focused on teaching those all important parlor tricks! Trick training increases problem solving skills, develops those cute quirks into neat developed tricks, and frees dogs up to let their hair down - no formal obedience allowed! 

Harry Potter Inspired Tricks Class

K9 University - West Loop

Thursday TBD at 7pm