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Hudson is a cruelty case survivor who was saved by a local rescue as just a puppy. In his first formidable months on this earth he was used as a bait dog, abused, doused in lighter fluid and set alight. His trust in people was dashed and his outlook on life was of cautiousness and mistrust. He lacked confidence and needed help learning to trust again.

Hudson is a graduate of our two week day train program where we focused on just that! He's a regular in play group these days and is no longer weary of the outside world. Hudson's training is far from over as it's going to take work each and every day to help him fully overcome the psychological damage done to him as a puppy, but he's blessed to have a family that's committed to doing just that!

"Hey there! I just got back from taking Hudson for a nice long walk and we had such a great time! I never thought we'd get to the point where walks would be fun and enjoyable for BOTH of us, because they used to be stressful and scary. I cannot thank you two enough for all of your hard work and guidance - it means the world to me. - Rachael"


"Natalie is amazing! In one month she helped me with my new rescue pup who was out of control. He now behaves on the leash and is learning how to not freak out around other dogs. One session Emily came with some of their own dogs and she was just as amazing. I couldn't be happier!" - Alexandra


"Excellent training for my impulse driven dog! She can now calmly pass other dogs in the park without barking. Thanks!" - Stephanie


"Emily knows her stuff!" - Joanne



"Emily is amazing! She took my hyper, shoe eating, jumping all over the place, bundle of puppy and turned him into a respectful member of the family. I'm sure it wasn't easy. We have a busy household with 3 children between the ages of 5 and 10. So there were all kinds of distractions.
Part of what makes Emily so amazing is that she customized our training to include helping us to set up our home in a way that helped our dog make the right choices. She also tailored our training to include another session at home that integrated my kids and teaching them how handle their new best friend.

At first I was apprehensive to spend money on something I thought I should or could do on my own. After replacing multiple pairs of chewed up shoes, furniture and parts of the house, I reached out to Emily. After seeing the results, I wish I'd done it sooner.
" - Joe

bert and blanche

"Walks with Bert and Blanche are so enjoyable now! Thank you, Natalie and Emily!" - Adrienne and Dan