We at Canine Sports believe in humane training that both strengthens and enhances the relationship between owner and dog. A solid relationship is one that is built on trust and understanding, so establishing an open line of communication is essential. Our trainers regularly attend seminars to keep abreast of the newest techniques and are constantly learning. Our dogs are constantly learning and changing, so must we. We work with you and your dog to channel your dog's natural drives to help shape a happy, reliable, obedient dog. Using games and dog friendly techniques we have put the fun back into training the family dog! Whether you are interested in competition level performance or just a great family pet, we cover it all!


Our dog Trainers


Emily Stoddard, CPDT-KA

  Emily has been around dogs her whole life and started her formal training career when she met Sandy, a Yellow Labrador Retriever. Sandy was aggressive towards other dogs and after trying a number of punitive techniques thought there was a better way. Emily started as an apprentice at The Anti-Cruelty Society's School of Dog Training, where she is a Senior Instructor. She was hired on to work in the Animal Behavior Department assessing temperaments and rehabilitating dogs as they got ready for adoption. From here she left to open her own training company and Canine Sports Dog Training was born.

    Emily is also an active competitor in the world of dog sports. She competes in Agility, Obedience, Dock Dogs, and Rally-O - holding championships titles in Rally-O and national rankings in both Obedience and Rally-O. What started as a weekend hobby, has turned into a full blown love and competitive outlet. She has five active dogs at home - Kayla, Chocolate Labrador Retriever; Bailey, Foxhound mix; Falcor and Keegan, Belgian Malinois; Pounce, German Shepherd Dog - as well as two retired dogs living the life in the suburbs - Sandy, Yellow Labrador Retriever, and Toby, Basset Hound and Hurricane Katrina survivor. Meet Emily's dogs.


Natalie Ridge

    Natalie has been around dogs her entire life, while her family always had a pet dog, Natalie got her first dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog, around the age of 12. She took part in training classes as a junior handler, and her love of training was born. Later in life Natalie got her first dog as an adult, Athena, an American Pit Bull Terrier; after taking a puppy class at the Anti Cruelty Society, she began her formal career as a trainer through the Society's apprenticeship program. During her apprenticeship  Natalie  was led to rescue her second dog, Guinness, a highly reactive ex dog fighting American Staffordshire Terrier.It was through Guinness that Natalie met Emily Stoddard, and began learning training techniques from her as well as other instructors.  After much hard work Guinness reactivity issues have been addressed, and he is now capable of living the life of a normal dog. Natalie has since finished her apprenticeship and become a full instructor at Anti Cruelty Society. She has also since adopted a two more dogs, Mayhem, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, and Anikin, a Dutch Shepherd, and begun working as an instructor with Canine Sports Dog Training. Natalie's balanced training style focuses on the bond between owner and dog, and works to enhance communication between handler-dog teams.