Training Terms

Let’s Go-The dog should follow the handler, with in two feet of the handler

Come- Used to call the dog to you. Dog should sit in front of handler, close enough to touch

Sit- Dog sits with butt on ground, head high, and legs square

Down- Dog lies down with belly touching ground or floor

Place- Send the dog to its place. Dog must be on placeboard or mat,with all four paws on, unless the dog is laying down, in which case the paws may extend off

Wait- Dog may not move forward past threshold. Dog does not need to sit or down, just no forward motion is allowed

Off- Used instead of no, get away from something, get off something. The dog should move its feet or mouth or intentions

Out- Drop it command, dog should drop the item in its mouth

Kennel- Dog goes into its kennel or crate

Quiet- Used when the dog is barking or whining

Free- Release the dog from its given command (also the only time when the collar is not tapped)