What people are saying about our programs!


Tommie came to us a boisterous pit bull mix in need of some manners. Her zest for life was apparent, and sometimes a bit much, as she would leap on people to greet them, and occasionally be a bit too forward with new dogs. After our Amazing Dog program she was a whole new pup!

"I love these trainers almost as much as I love my pup! Before we went to them my dog Tommie was on her own agenda all the time. I had to drag her on walks, she'd jump on every person that passed by, and would sometimes play too rough for the other dogs at the park.
After 2 weeks at Canine Sports she's still not perfect but is about 50 times better behaved than she was prior to training with them. She learned how to walk with me on leash, place, sit, down, stay, paw, come, and off all pretty well and listens to me most of the time now." - Danny

Tommie now enjoys life in busy Chicago, going to eat at outdoor patios in summer, and enjoying off leash play time in the park. She politely greets guests and neighbors without leaping on them. 



Boo is a chihuahua mix who lives in the bustling Hyde Park neighborhood. Boo had moved from a smaller town to the big city, and was having some trouble minding her manners on leash with all the distractions! Despite her small stature she pulled like a freight train, and was often barking at other dogs, squirrels, birds, and any other animal who could hear her. After a customized private lesson package Boo is walking much better, and is known as a good canine citizen around the neighborhood.

"I inherited Boo, a small, 3 year old dog, from my young adult daughter. Boo did not know how to walk on a leash- at all. After 3 lessons with Natalie of Canine Sports, and a lot of homework by Boo and I, Boo now walks on a leash like a champ! Thanks Natalie!" - Barb



Grizzly is a longtime member of our Sunday agility crew! Grizzly joined agility looking for a fun environment to play with her owner in. Grizzly lacked a lot of the confidence necessary to loosen up and just have some fun. Agility helped Grizzly gain the confidence she needed, and bond with her owner through play.

"My dog Grizzly and I love training with Emily! Not only is she a wonderful trainer, but  she understands the individual needs of dogs in her classes and caters to everyone. I'm not looking to compete with my dog in agility, just want to enjoy our time together, strengthen our bond, and have fun. Emily is really patient with my dog, who sometimes runs the course and sometimes gets a little sidetracked along the way. Emily is an experienced, compassionate trainer who can guide you thru a variety of issues and will also listen to you and work within your comfort zone as well as your dog's." - Käthe

It is such a joy to see how confident Grizzly has grown, and to see her and her owner play like they never have before!


"I have a very rambunctious and stubborn Miniature American Eskimo. He has always been a loving pup but he was always jumping on counters, people, and the table during dinner, and was leash aggressive towards other dogs, and sometimes people. We tried dog boot camps and positive dog training at local pet store but nothing was making a difference. We love our little guy but our relationship with our dog was strained out of frustration by us and by him. We found Emily at Canine Sports who paired us up with trainer Natalie. We did a two week training camp with Natalie while we went abroad. When we came back I was anxious about the collar and my ability to continue the training she had instilled in Kodi. Natalie spent hours with me following the training at my home, and on walks to make sure I was confident and able to continue the training. I also attend the drop in classes when my schedule allows that come with the training packages. This helps me stay current with my training as well as Kodi. I am now able to walk my pup with little to no stresses of other dogs. Over the holidays I took Kodi home with me to my sisters for two weeks. We were able to eat a holiday dinner of steak, chicken, bacon infused sides and other tempting food without Kodi jumping on the table and begging. Kodi now goes to his 'place it' spot (a flat pillow bed I can easily travel with) with a chew stick and never gets off or barks during meals until he's released by me saying 'free'. We were also finally able to take him with us in the fall to eat at an outdoor patio at a restaurant as well. He has an outdoor 'place it' spot (a kitchen mat) that he lays down on or sits during a meal. I went to the vet for his yearly checkup last weekend and my vet expressed how relaxed and happy Kodi looked and how different he behaved. It is obvious to us and the people in our lives what a difference the training with Natalie and Canine Sports has made not only for Kodi but in our family as well. I would highly recommend the program and the trainers for anyone looking for a training program for their dog. Canine Sports completely changed our little family for the better." -  Amanda



"Natalie is amazing! In one month she helped me with my new rescue pup who was out of control. He now behaves on the leash and is learning how to not freak out around other dogs. One session Emily came with some of their own dogs and she was just as amazing. I couldn't be happier!" - Alexandra



Moxie is a super fun Border Collie from the West Loop. Moxie had an overwhelming amount of energy, which seeped out, in the form of barking, at everything while she was on leash.

"Excellent training for my impulse driven dog! She can now calmly pass other dogs in the park without barking."   - Stephanie


Moxie can now cruise the West Loop and Skinner Park without woofing her hellos. 


Sam was a very rambunctious, hyperactive adolescent pup, who had been recently adopted. His chewing, leash pulling, and lack of manners was driving his new family nuts!

"Emily is amazing! She took my hyper, shoe eating, jumping all over the place, bundle of a puppy and turned him into a respectable member of the family. I'm sure it wasn't easy. We have a busy household with 3 children between the ages of 5 and 10. So there were all kinds of distractions.
Part of what makes Emily so amazing is that she customized our training to include helping us set up our home in a way that helped our dog make the right choices. She also tailored our training to include another session at home that integrated my kids and teaching them how to handle their new best friend.
At first I was apprehensive to spend money on something I thought I should or could do on my own. After replacing multiple pairs of chewed up shoes, furniture and parts of the house, I reached out to Emily. After seeing the results, I wish I'd done it sooner."  - Joe

Sam is now a respectable member of his family, and has a blast with his three kids! He enjoys freedom he never had before, now that he will come when called, and behave appropriately in the house. 


bert and blanche

Bert and Blanche are a pair of troublemaking Golden Retrievers from Lincoln Park. They're cute and they know it, and use this to sneak food off the counters, beg at the table, drag their owners down the street to jump on passersby, and say a very happy hello to each dog they meet. They would tag team, so one could sneak off and cause trouble, while the other provided a fluffy distraction!

"Walks with Bert and Blanche are so enjoyable now! Thank you, Natalie and Emily"   - Adrienne and Dan